Hi, I’m Alex

Imagine you’re in a burning apartment block. Flames are engulfing the entire building.

You’re on the top floor, and the fire is creeping across the landing towards the door of your bedroom; smoke filling the open space.

All of your life, you’ve pondered. You’ve half-hearted your efforts because you’re comfortable, with no seriousness.

Now you’re staring at the window, looking at the freedom on the other side. Triple paned glass stands in the way and a hell of a long way down.

Now there is a decision to make - a life-defining decision.

  1. Die a slow and painful death

  2. Jump out of the window

A sincere seeker may find themself here because this is what it takes. They must obsess over Truth like they’re ready to jump out the window of a burning apartment block.

In reality, you’re just too damned comfortable!

You don’t want Truth; you want entertainment. You want to be basque in the smoke of the fire, until one day, that fire get’s too close to home and you can’t stand it any longer.

This isn’t about ‘healing’, spirituality, psychology, philosophy or any of that. This is about figuring out what’s real and what isn’t.

Thank you for being here.

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